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      Accumulator nitrogen filling vehicle operation steps

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      Operation steps of the accumulator nitrogen filling vehicle:

      The first step: first open the control box three-wire power supply (380V);

      Step 2: Open the unloading valve (position reference manual) on the hydraulic module of the pump station until the system oil pressure drops to 0 MPa (ie, the pressure gauge shows 0);

      Step 3: Open the top cover of the accumulator, then unscrew the black cap inside, and rotate the handle of the nitrogen-filled special tool to the maximum position (counterclockwise to the maximum), connect the accumulator, and press the special tool handle. Rotate clockwise. When you hear the sound coming out of the gas, observe the pressure gauge on the tool. The pressure display value is the pressure of the accumulator. At this time, turn it counterclockwise to the maximum and remove the special tool.

      When the pressure is less than 5 MPa, it is necessary to flush the accumulator. The above is the detection process.

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