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      Accumulator installation precautions

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      The accumulator should be installed at a convenient location for inspection and maintenance. When used to absorb shock and pulsation, the accumulator should be close to the vibration source, and should be installed in the place where the impact is easy. The installation position should be away from the heat source to prevent the system pressure from rising due to the thermal expansion of the gas.

      The accumulator must be securely fastened but not allowed to be welded to the main unit and should be securely supported on the bracket or on the wall. When the diameter ratio is too large, hoop reinforcement should also be provided.

      In principle, the capsule accumulator should be installed vertically downwards. When tilting or horizontally mounted, the bladder is in contact with the shell by buoyancy, which hinders normal telescopic operation, accelerates the damage of the bladder, and reduces the risk of accumulator function. . Therefore, the method of tilting or horizontal mounting is generally not used. There are no special installation requirements for diaphragm accumulators, and the oil ports can be installed vertically, tilted or horizontally downwards.

      A check valve should be installed between the pump and the accumulator to prevent the oil in the accumulator from flowing back into the pump and returning to the tank when the pump stops working, causing an accident.

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